Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to minimizing the overall environmental impact of our Company's operations and strive to use our resources efficiently.  As an investment firm with 12 employees and an office space of less than 3,000 square feet, our business operations have a relatively modest environmental footprint.  Our corporate headquarters are in McLean, VA with access to public transportation.  We are committed to various Green initiatives demonstrated by the following initiatives:

  • Office cleaning and pest control conducted with specific green products.  
  • Single stream recycling as well as recycling containers at all desks and common areas. 
  • E-cycling pick-ups and coordination of other recycling initiatives. 
  • Water cooler accessibility.  
  • Motion sensor control lighting in certain areas.
  • Printers are ENERGY STAR® qualified and RoHS compliant to restrict the use of hazardous substances. 
  • Reusable kitchen supplies.

Key Contacts
Primary IR Contact
Richard Konzmann
Chief Financial Officer
Arlington Asset Investment
Phone: 703.373.0200